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S02E07Video StationVLC on AirPlayVLC localSRT ✔ (EN)
Cereal Interruptus

An auctioneer tries to pick up a woman in a bar, an evil spirit finds itself in an unlikely vessel, and Bethiffer sues a Chinese restaurant for false advertising.

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S02E09Video StationVLC on AirPlayVLC localSRT ✔
Mr. Winchester Goes to Washington

The TripTank staff testifies in front of a congressional committee, Ricky the Rocketship botches a rescue mission, and a father takes his kids on a wild ride

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S02E11Video StationVLC on AirPlayVLC localSRT ✔ (EN)
Crime Steve Investigation

Gary gets pranked at a water park, Jeff makes a mistake that affects the entire human race, and a Native American tribe insists on using every part of a dead buffalo

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S02E12Video StationVLC on AirPlayVLC localSRT ✔ (EN)
How the Sausage Is Made

Steve and Roy suffer through an excruciatingly long bathroom line, Jerk Chicken runs afoul of his gay friend, and a time travel newbie takes the plunge

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S02E13Video StationVLC on AirPlayVLC localSRT ✔ (EN)
Sick Day

Too much cough syrup foils a prank on Gary, a ninja bucks tradition to take down an organized crime ring, and the TripTank receptionist gets sick

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S02E15Video StationVLC on AirPlayVLC localSRT ✔

Steve shrinks down and enters Roy's body, a children's educational show displays its dark side, and Gary continues to suck it